Zest for Living Balloons

At Zest for Living, Your Party Pros, you don't just get a bunch of balloons - you get a balloon arrangement guaranteed to last a minimum of three days. That's because we use only the finest Qualatex latex balloons, lined with a special preserving agent.


Helium Balloons

Standard-sized Helium Filled Balloons
$ 2.25 each

Jewel & Pearl Balloons

Standard-sized Helium Filled Jewel and Pearl Balloons
$ 2.50 each

Chrome & Confetti Balloons

Standard-sized Helium Filled Chrome Balloons
$ 2.75 each


Standard Balloon Weights
$ 1.99 each

Balloon Extras

Standard Mylar

$ 6.95

Licensed Mylar

$ 7.95


$ 11.95

Super Shapes

$ 14.95

Air Walkers

$ 39.95

Latex balloon colour selection is subjest to availability.

Special Order Balloon Arrangements and Sculptures

Custom Printed Standard Balloon

Are you planning an event for your company, school, or organization? Consider ordering a pack of 100 custom printed balloons.
printed balloons