Balloon Prices & More Background Info

Zest for Living – Balloons

At Zest for Living, Your Party Pros, you don't just get a bunch of balloons - you get a balloon arrangement guaranteed to last a minimum of three days. That's because we use only the finest Qualatex latex balloons, lined with a special preserving agent.


Helium Balloons

Standard-sized Helium Filled Balloons
$  3.25 each

Jewel & Pearl Balloons

Standard-sized Helium Filled Jewel and Pearl Balloons
$  3.25 each

Chrome Balloons

Standard-sized Helium Filled Chrome Balloons
$  3.25 each


Standard Balloon Weights
$  2.25 each

Specialty Balloons

Double Stuffed & Standard Size Confetti
$  4.95

Balloon Extras

Standard Mylar

$  9.95


Clear bubble round balloons
$  14.95


$  16.95

Super Shapes

$  19.95

Air Walkers

$  59.95

36" Latex Balloons

Plain, Printed or confetti filled
$  67.95