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Zest for Living - Your Party Pros in Etobicoke for party supplies, balloons, greeting cards & gifts

Zest for Living - Port Credit for fresh home decor, creative gifts and fashion accessories


Party supplies for all occasions - available at Etobicoke Store

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The best balloon arrangements - available at Etobicoke Store

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Imaginative gifts and home decor

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Air Filled Pricing

Choose your topper

a number

a supershape

a bubble or mylar

Determine number of levels

Add embellishments

or customization


A huge air filled

floor Balloon

$19.95 each


New Information - Helium rationing is real!

Due to the tragic war in the Ukraine, natural gas is in short supply world-wide. Helium is a by-product of natural gas and is used for manufacturing and most importantly medical equipment.

Helium is now being rationed - with priority given to medical uses. We have imposed the following measures in an effort to get through this.

First and foremost, consider ordering air filled arrangements. They are awesome and the ethical choice!

Consider ordering fewer helium filled arrangements and mixing in some air filled creations.

We will not fill balloons purchased elsewhere and will not refill partially deflated balloons - no matter where purchased.

We will not replace, free of charge, balloons that pop or deflate once they leave the store.

We will be monitoring the number of orders in our system to try to accommodate as many people as possible. Depending on our helium allocation, we may limit the number of helium balloons per purchase and be unable to fill day-of orders. The helium situation changes daily, so please check with the Zest Team.

After the long years of pandemic service, we continue to do the best we can to accommodate our loyal customers. Please be patient with us as we figure out how do deal with this new reality while operating in the most ethical manner possible. And, let us all pray for peace.  Respectfully, The Zest Team.

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About Zest for Living

Since 2007 Zest for Living has been Port Credit’s go-to destination for imaginative gifts, contemporary fashion accessories and sophisticated home décor.

In 2014, Zest for Living - Your Party Pros in Etobicoke was added to the Zest family. Building on the more than 30 years of providing excellent balloon arrangements and party supplies, the newly reimagined store now also includes an extensive selection of greeting cards, gift wrapping supplies, gifts and home decor accessories.